Virtual Reality Technology is Revolutionising Education in Africa

Start a conversation about Reality Technology in today’s polite society and you are likely to have a blank stare. A response in the direction of “Isn’t that something to do with tactile gloves and head-mounted gear? ” or a sigh accompanied by a sad look from someone reflecting on a Reality Technology that had so many promises. But still seems to have delivered so technology hub

Virtual reality Technology in African education

Forget everything you know, or think you know, because virtual reality is being use to try to improve education in Africa. Yes, you are reading correctly. Virtual Reality Technology in African education!

Traditional methods of education have failed in various African societies. Text-based learning is inherently ineffective in societies where literacy levels were often too low to begin with. Get into virtual reality! Due to its intensely visual character (some say it looks like a game). Virtual Reality Technology immerse the user in an environment where natural interactions with object and task can be simulate to such an extent that learning. Takes on an organic rather than a formal character. This overcomes language and literacy barriers because text becomes a secondary support mechanism rather than the main learning tool.

Virtual reality Technology simulations for topics as diverse as beekeeping

For example, I have come across virtual Reality Technology simulations for topics as diverse as beekeeping, how to build a latrine, how to use adequate water savings in small farms, how water pumps work, HIV / AIDS prevention, how it works a PC, etc. Also, these simulators run on fairly common PCs.

These simulation are now being improve into so-called interactive 3D learning objects, or in short, i3dlo. I3dlo is essentially a small virtual Reality Technology simulation that addresses a specific learning objective. However, what makes i3dlo unique is the fact that it can be “translated” into almost any language using tools that are freely available online. I3dlo files can be extract so that users can edit audio. Image and text files using tools like Audacity, Gimp, etc. This means that a single i3dlo can be “localize” to many language, extending its usability throughout Africa. The i3dlo can be host on a site that, over time, can become a great resource for educator in Africa!

Virtual Reality Technology in Medicine – Many Evolving Uses and Advantages

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