The Future of Virtual Reality Technology Educational Technology and Education

When you think about what Reality Technology education might look like in the next decade, you quickly realize that trends in technology are leaving large numbers of our students behind. We no longer live in an age of visible movement when it comes to progress and innovation. Today is a time of exponential change. Every day and in every corner of society, new and constantly improving technologies technology hub

Educating the best and the brightest in this happy new world will require a new and improved educational paradigm. Letting our educational tools age in a corner of the classroom is the mistake that can cost us our future. Putting too many children in unequal access will ensure that. We collapse to the bottom of the global pool of employed workers for decades to come.

Virtual Reality Technology the new tool box

I was at an auction a few years ago and noticed some old woodworking tools that I thought I might use. For a few dollars, I was able to snag a selection of hand tools that may have been in someone else’s toolbox for a generation or more. As the next decade passed, I used these tools in my shop for a wide variety of projects. Until my projects got bigger than these boring old tools. My creations in carpentry continued to improve, as did my skills and art. I quickly discovered that using improved tools would translate into better craftsmanship. As any carpenter accordingly will tell you, new tools require new skills.

Virtual Reality Technology metaphor to mold and mold students

Woodworking is a great metaphor to mold and mold students. There is simply no good substitute for a sharp tool. To build the best possible projects, you need the best possible tools. When we think about the next decade for our country. We will be very disappointed in our projects if we do not improve our tools.

In this article, I will try to draw a picture of how technology will shape the way we educate students in the next decade. I will try to show the incredible opportunities that lie ahead if we simply walk through the door to the opportunity that is open to us. My approach will be this idea: Transform the student from passenger to “user”. You may be wondering what I mean by this. Let me explain.

Ask yourself what it means to be a “user.” A user is not just a person who uses. For the student, being a user must be using the latest technology for free and independently. This new freedom allows the student to become an active participant in her education rather than a passive passenger. At no other time in history have we been able to make accordingly this happen.

Virtual Reality Technology educational process for the foreseeable future

In our current technological society, being a user means being tracked. Monitoring has become a large part of our daily life and it is precisely the engine that will drive our educational process for the foreseeable future. Following a student means having the ability to orient education towards their strengths and weaknesses. The ability to precisely tailor accordingly curricula to the individual has been the holy grail of educational philosophy for many years. This golden age of technological development will soon allow this dream to become a reality.

The current educational plan and individual assessment are arbitrary at best. Being able to accurately assess a student can only be achieved using modern tracking technologies and databases. The ways we can make this a reality are readily available. And just need accordingly to be pulled off the shelf to use. If Congress is looking for a ready-to-dig project, this may be it.

Virtual Reality Technology is Revolutionising Education in Africa


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