Augmented Reality Technology Offered on the Blackberry Curve 9380

Offered on the Blackberry Curve 9380,Augmented Reality Technology is one of several unique ways that the compact, lightweight, full-touch phone lets you make life easier and better connect with friends. Other features include the NFC connection and the ability to capture and share HD video clips.

Augmented Reality Technology multitasking and performs

As with other phones. Such as the Blackberry Curve 9360. This operating system offers Blackberry 7. Which is capable of multitasking and performs fast response actions with the simple movements of your fingers on the 3.2-inch touch screen of this phone. Which unlike others is not. Accompanied by a QWERTY keyboard. Among the many features offer by the latest operating system, which in this device is power by an 806 megahertz processor and 512 megabyte of DDR SRAM (flash memory), respectively, is Near Field Communication or NFC. This simple connection technology allows you to link and share information with other compatible devices. Including Blackberry accessories, and you can easily include payments with your mobile phone. The communication works very closely and require that the device touch each other. Something different from the Bluetooth connection that is also offer on the phone.

Augmented Reality Technology flash and other features

The Curve 9380 also has a 5 megapixel camera that includes a flash and other features that allow you to record HD video at 720 pixel resolution and share it instantly with services like pre-installed BBM message. This also feature photos that can be edit and added to a variety of scene mode. As well as facial recognition and more once you take the photo. Digital zoom also gives you the ability to capture and then share a stunning photo or video masterpiece with your friends.

Augmented Reality Technology GPS and assisted GPS antennas

With internal GPS and assisted GPS antennas. Your phone can offer advanced location-based services. Such as Blackberry Maps. To obtain local directions and places of interest; and Facebook places to instantly share your current location with friends. Alternatively, you can adopt the impressive Augmented Reality feature on the device. Which allows you to seamlessly check BBM for close friends. Read reviews of local places like restaurants as you pass them, and more. Bringing information to where you are and physically connecting with your friends more than ever.

The Blackberry Curve 9380 is a great touch-only smartphone. That offers powerful hardware and allows you to do a lot through your operating system. Pre-installed apps promote accordingly you with amazing technology at your fingertips.

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