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Augmented Reality Technology

About Us Augment reality (AR) is an enhance version of the real physical world obtain through the use of digital visual. Audio or other sensory accordingly input transmitte through technology. It is a growing trend among especially companies involved in mobile computing and business applications.

Amid the rise of data collection and analysis. One of the primary goals of augmented reality is to highlight specific features of the physical world, increase understanding of these features, and gain intelligent and accessible information that can be used for accordingly applications around the world. . This big data can help inform business decisions and gain insight into, among other things, consumption habits.

Collaborative Technology

Collaborative technologies remain mesh requests that let operators toward make, examine, conversation, then part info in a teamwork then communication way.

Web Based Technology

Web-based technologies are network applications available through the accordingly Internet (blogs, discussion forums, conference session tools, online mobile and multimedia technologies, online games, etc.) that allow people to connect with each other.

Future of Virtual Reality Technology

Virtual reality is single of the skills by the accordingly uppermost predictable development possible. According to the latest forecasts from IDC Research (2018). investment in VR and AR will multiply by 21 over the next four years, reaching 15,500 million euros in 2022.


Advantages of Virtual Reality Technology
  • Education. In some industry, virtual reality is use to train employees, especially in dangerous environments. For example, pilots use simulators if they make a mistake. And aspiring doctors take advantage of virtual reality to avoid medical accidents. …
  • Conference. Think Skype for Business on steroids. …
  • Convenience.

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